Fans starting fast when powering up the computer!

Hello I wanna ask about either if this is a problem or not
I updated the bios of my motherboard and it went well, but after that every time I power up the computer the fans (cpu fans+1 case fan) start fast and loud and then they come back to silent/normal state and they weren’t doing that before the update
So does this seem normal or did the bios update mess up my computer?
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    It may be a fan check that the new update added. Look at the update notes. If they spin back down and act correctly the rest of the time, it's a total non-issue.
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  2. carlbyronthompson thank you for the reply and I checked the description of the update but it just says:
    - Enhanced BIOS multi language function.
    - Updated GOP and VBIOS.
    Nothing about fan checking but if it is normal than thank you very much
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  3. Yeh no prob. I have multiple computers and some boards rev up the fans and some don't. It's entirely possible that the fan setting in your bios where changed with the update. As long as they work correctly, there is not a problem at all.
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