Will my motherboard support windows 10?

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  1. Yes it's intel's latest platform, of course it supports windows 10. Much much older setups than that will support windows 10.
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  2. Of course. To be fair, almost no MB will have system requirement except for ancient MBs... As long as MB producer provides suitable drivers for MB, you are covered. Asus does have win 10 support for the MB:)
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  3. Yeah it will. Mobo doesnt have anything to do with os compatiablity
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  4. Ok thank you, I'm still a noob and that helps, so again thank you.
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    parani said:
    Yeah it will. Mobo doesnt have anything to do with os compatiablity

    Not really correct. There are minimum system requirements for every OS, and if this was an older motherboard that didn't support a processor new enough to meet those requirements you could say the motherboard was not compatible and couldn't be made so with hardware changes.

    More importantly, computers need drivers for the various hardware devices on motherboards. Partial functionality might be acceptable, but I wouldn't call that a compatible board.

    Luckily, Microsoft's generic drivers do tend to let most computers at least operate, even when appropriate drivers from the manufacturer don't exist.
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