Is phanteks enthoo evolv shift case good for gaming PC build?

Hi I'm going to build a gaming PC this will be my first time and I ask you that should I go with phanteks shift case? For gtx 1070 and ryzen 5 1600
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  1. Yeah its a good quality case :) go forward go get it.
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  2. The thing here is that you if you like the aesthetic. Performance wise it is a sub-par case compared to other decent cases in both thermals and in noise levels, however unless you're a super-enthusiast about either of the two it won't matter as much. It has good build quality so that's a plus.

    It is a good case for both orientations, which is rare for most gaming-level towers, and it has a built in RGB controller. However it only comes with 1 pre-installed fan, meaning you're going to want at least 1 more fan for an intake (I believe the pre-installed is an exhaust).

    If you like how it looks then go for it. If you care more about maximum possible thermal and noise performance, you're going to want to look elsewhere.

    EDIT: Take a look at Tomshardware's review of the case, I think this will help you decide whether or not you want it.,5196-3.html
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    It is a good case, very well built with quality raw materials. Aesthetic wise it is also very pleasing and takes very little disc space. The flip side is that, building in this case could be a bit tedious and you have to do a lot of trial and error to get everything perfect. Also performance wise, you need to add as many fans as possible as the compact form can be very cramped up for thermal dissipation. Here are some good reviews you should look into...,5196.html
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  4. superninja12 said:
    Yeah its a good quality case :) go forward go get it.

    That's okay but am worried about heat. Is that okay?
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