What is motherboard chipset actually?

First my questions are:-
1. What is actually a motherboard chipset? Say for example while buying a cpu we see the Socket like for amd AM3 or AM4 or FM2+ or intels LGA 1151 Above that the processor company recommends a specific chipset motherboard say A88X OR FOR INTEL H110 or Z170 .

2. Suppose i dont go by recommendation and buy a lower chipset motherboard say Amd suggests to buy A88x but to cut down cost as i dont have overclocking idea, i buy a A68 chipset board. WILL IT AFFECT PERFROMANCE.

I just know that higher or newer the chipset version more features you get. Please explain to me how does chipset matter in building a pc.

Ps. Please dont post links as i Googled almost every page trying to get idea of it and yes i did but now clearly. Someone please explain in a easy way.
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  1. Mobo chipsets work with a specific family of microprocessors .say haswell uses "Z97, H97, H81, Q87, Q85, B85",skylake use "Z170, H170, H110, B170, Q150, Q170 " ,Kabylake "Z270, H270, Q270, Q250, B250" rysen " X370/B350/A320" . just buy the processor thats well suits ur need say i7 for high end gaming and r7 1800 for productivity stuffs .then buy the compatiable mobo for that processor .thats it
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  2. Ok i got your point. But say i buy a decent powerfull Processor say i5 7xxx or i5 6xxx. Can i use a cheap motherboard? Because i dont have any wish to use SSD or Usb 3.0 or even OC. Or buying a low priced mobo of a good brand such as Asus or MSI cause some performance issue?
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    No absolutely not .The mobos doesnt have anything to do with the performance improvements other than the oc ability and extra power phase which is not necessary. Any compatiable mobos just do fine .Its only the additional features that u mentioned are available in those high end boards
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  4. Thank you. This was the kind of answer i was looking for. Thank you.
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  5. Cheers!!
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  6. This will answer your what is a chipset question -

    The motherboard has to have a chipset compatible with the processor. Both AMD and Intel come out with chipsets with low to high end features for the same processor.

    In general a motherboard with a higher features chipset will have more features i.e more RAM slots, USB 3.0 / USB 3.1 sockets on the rear panel, CPU overclocking

    A PC with a motherboard with a low end chipset wont be any slower than a PC with a motherboard with a high end chipset with the same amount of RAM and CPU speed.

    A high end chipset motherboard will allow CPU overclocking, more RAM etc.
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  7. +1 to that dumb_man
    PS:- Your name dont suits you. You aren't dumb at all. XD

    So there is no harm at all if i go for a low end motherboard? Actually i just want to game (Like Mafia 3, Upcoming AC origins etc) and 720p medium will be okay for me. So i dont have much interest in overclocking or DDR 4 ram or usb 3.0 so shall i go with the Asus A68HM-K motherboard for my AMD A10 7850k
    GTX 1050 2gb
    hyper x fury 8gb 1866mhz (4gb x2)

    PS: I was using a mobo Biostar a58ml and it bricked last week dont know why. So i am planning to buy pocket friendly ASUS A68HM-K. (a68 chipset)

    But amd reccomends A88x mobo for my APU but A88x mobos costs thrice or twice that of A68 and aince both are FM2 i want to go for the A68 one. So will it be fine?
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  8. Sorry no idea about that .plz start a new thread regarding this
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