Where do I connect my fan wires and LED wires?

I have a Cooler Master Masterbox lite 5 and a B350 Tomahawk, and I've fixed right about everything EXCEPT the fans and the LEDs. For the fans, there are 2 connectors for each fan, one with 4 pins with no notch and one with three pins and a notch (notch meaning a groove to make sure it's in correct place). There are also some other things that I have no idea what is used for like pump fan 1, jled, jci1, a bunch of other he's. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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  1. 4 pins connector goes to fan header for pwm them start using 1 to 4 for them pump is for water cooling jled is for a 5050 led strip not going over 3 meters post a link of those fans .
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  2. the 3 pin connector goes on your motherboard fan headers. The 4 pin on the fan means you can plug another 4 pin fan to that to daisy chain


    since I can't tell what the connectors actually look like, they are either or connector, you can use either one to power the fans. What model fans you have?

    Pump fan 1 could be used for a water cooling pump or a regular fan, jled and jci1 you can ignore if you don't have lcd strips.
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  3. 4-pm fan PWM Connector


    3-pm fan DCV Connector

    LED control is varied. Unfortunately CM takes the title for "Worst Manual" ever distributed for a PC component

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