Whether my PSU can carry this upgrade

Hello, I need some help, I plan to upgrade my configuration.
I have: -PSU-Chieftec 550W A BA, Mother-P5Q, Cpu-E5450 Modified, Ram -4 X 2Gb (800 Mhz), --HD-Samsung Sata II 500Gb,- DVD-RW LiteOn and graphics card -HD 4850.
I would like to replace the graphics card for the R9 270,Not 270X, but I'm afraid if my power supply will be able to withstand, I plan to add one SSD later.
That's why I ask for advice, or take R7 260K and be calm
sorry my English is a little worse,Thanks in advance
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    In terms of wattage it should handle it just fine, the real question is: how much of it's wattage has it lost over time.
    You probably should just buy the r9 270 and replace the psu if/when it starts lacking in power output. (since chieftecs are known to do that)
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  2. Thank you very much, I bought the R9 270 MSI 2Gb, Works perfectly, Power is pushing good. Good improvement. Nowadays only SD is left.
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