Is Motherboard bottleneck possible?

Look dont suggest me intel cpu's as i already have this build.
My spec:-
1. AMD A10 7850K
2. NVDIA GTX 1050 2GB
3. 2 x 4gb Hyper x 1866 ddr 3 ram
5. 2 x 500 gb hdd

I was using this config on top of BIOSTAR A58ML but few days ago the board got bricked and i sent it for replace but dont know why biostar didnot even repair it nor replaced it. So i decided to throw it into a shithole.

I decided to buy ASUS A68HM-K motherboard as the earlier biostar used to show a lot of problems. Very often i had to clear the CMOS and all. And on research i got to know Asus boards are better.

Now comes the main part. Should i go for A68HM-K or i should go for a high end Asus A88X one? I dont know exactly weather a low budget one i.e A68HM-K affect my gaming performance or what?
Here are my requirements or what u generally do on the pc.

1. Play games like Just cause 3, Mafia 3 but 1080p or 720p isnt a concern. I just enjoy playing rather than focusing on the Preset or resloution. I just need a decent 30fps.

2. Overclocking is not an idea for me. Because i don't have much interest in doing all this. I just need to run games wether its in medium or ultra dont matter much. So i dont need overclocking as i know high end Mobo's enable the user to overclock much better.

3. USB 3.0 OR USB 2.0 isnt a matter for me nor i want to install any SSD as i use this pc just for gaming. I have a Macbook pro and all the work is dont there.

So should i go for ASUS A68HM-K OR spend more bucks on A88X. Money is not that concen because both the boards differ maybe by 3000 INR (i.e 50 USD) But since my requirements are minimal can i save that 50 USD and go for the low end one. And if i do, will i face any issues? Like FPS drop? Or Lag in using the pc?

Note. Both the mobo's support 1866 mhz ddr 3 ram and i am using ram of this freq only.

PS. I had to as thus because upon research some says that a low end mobo affects perfromance like fps drop or the cpu is not fully utilised and some say high end mobo is just for getting extra features like OC capabilities, Dual GPU, More ran slots, More Sata slots, More usb. So what is the actual deal?
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