Asus z170-k support kaby lake?

Hi! I have a mboard asus z170-k . I need now to make a upgrate on my cpu pebtium g4400 to i3-7350k kaby lake. I have make update on my mboard to last update version 3301.
The update for kaby lake is an older version of bios 2003 or 3017. What i can do now. The last version say (improve system stability)
And the old version 2003 and 3017 say (support new procesor).
Now i need to change updte on bios or to stay on last version. Maybe the last version support kaby lake.?
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  1. Latest bios will include previous changes too.
    Processor 7350 will work with bios starting from version 3017.
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    Latest BIOS update will be fine as all BIOS updates are cumulative - ie any update includes all the additions, improvements & revisions of all previous versions.
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