Can a Memory Issue be caused by a maxed out drive?


I have an alien-ware x51 r2. It has 6 GB of ddr 3 ram (stick of 4 and 2). I had the computer get an error where it froze and when I restarted it gave me the constant double beep. According to Alienware it is a memory error. I had this issue before about 4 months ago and left alone for a night and it worked fine.This time i continued getting the freezes and it would refuse to re-boot after the freeze. I took the memory out and cleaned what looked to be a pristine slot and the the sticks themselves and re-seated them. it has been working fine for over a week now but, I went to check my SSD which has my OS and some games and realized that it had way more games on it than i realized. The 240 SSD is totally about 14 GB shy of being maxed out. I was wondering if this could cause the memory issue or if it can only be caused by the RAM alone. If it was only the RAM that could have caused a memory error, why would re-seating be a fix?
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  1. Those beeps are from BIOS at POST time so free disk space has nothing to do with it. Only time when it could be an issue (but only in OS) is if there's not enough space to expand virtual memory.
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