First Pc build.... Need some help with some things

So this is my first build
Case Evolv Shift
Psu Corsair Sf600
Cpu Ryzen 5 1600
Gpu Gtx 1080 Msi gaming x
Ram 16GB Kit (8GBx2) 3000 Corsair Vengeance Black
Mob Gigabyte AB350N GAMING-WIFI ITX Motherboard
Fan Corsair 140mm Quite and High Air Flow LED Case Fan Red x2
Os Window's 10
Ssd Samsung 850 EVO 250GB

I am wondering whether I will need a fan splitter and whether there may be clearance issues. Thanks!

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  1. The shift isn't even out yet right? It is kinda hard to say how that is going to since no one really has had their hands on it.

    I know most people here are ganna disagree with me on this part but, if you are using AMD chipsets, just avoid Samsung SSDs...
    I have an 850 evo I used on my AMD chipset, it was okay but no where near advertised speeds and could not get it to "optimize"

    I put it in my dads intel i7 laptop and it "optimized" perfectly and is the fastest SSD in the house. Thats my two cents.
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    Personally, I like to keep fan pairs together. It optimizes airflow without one fan overpowering the other since is almost impossible to sync speeds from different headers. So with the 2x leds in front, I'd use a splitter to the near fan header, and use the stock 140mm bottom exhaust by itself. There shouldn't be any clearance issues as those fan slots can each handle a 27mm aio rad plus the 25mm fan on top of it. The case itself can handle a 350mm gpu, and that msi Gaming X is only 279mm, so even adding the 25mm for the exhaust fan, you'll still have 45mm worth of space between them.

    I don't see any issues other than the fact it is a small form factor, and it's stuffed, so it's going to be cramped space when working in it. Just take your time and do things methodically, like don't wait till last to stick the ram in etc.

    That's the link to Tom's Members gallery, where many proud owners post pics of their builds. I'd really like to see yours there, the Shift being such a unique case. This, of course, means you'll have to do a bang-up job on the wiring, some of these boys are OCD about such stuff.
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  3. BTW, bitwit did a evolve shift htpc build in YouTube. Watch it as a guideline to build urs ;)
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