How Long will intel 7700K and a 1060 6GB Last

How long will a i7 7700k with 1060 6GB Build
Last me ?

im going to play Gta5,OwerwatchCsgo,Callofduty On medium settings
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  1. You mean for future generations? Probably ~2 years. The CPU is fine but the 1060 not so much. I'm assuming you will be playing at 1080P and medium/low settings. At those setting it "may" last a a bit longer.
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  2. Well, it should last forever as long as you wanna play those games. But for overall gameplay in newer titles other than the ones you mentioned, it depends from game to game and what you are investing for that hardware.
    Generically speaking, its still a very good combo and should last you a while, 3yrs atleast, if not more.
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    Depends on the technology.
    We're not sure how fast the new generations of CPU/GPU will be.
    I personally strongly hope that we will research some new tech over next few years that will allow us to
    speed up our components raw power exponentially.
    Right now we are on our knees with few % increases in single core clocks.
    I'd say i7 7700k combined with 16gb of RAM and 1080 GPU or equivalents of those will last around 5 years
    considering current increases in performance/year.
    1080 could drop to mid/high settings over next 3 years, where 1060 will be below.
    It also depends on software side of things.
    Developers could write new engines, optimized to current technology (more cores/threads).
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  4. The 7700k will easily last you over 5 years.
    That 1060, about 2... MAYBE 3.
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