Hp elite 800 g1

I need help

I have elite 800 g1 and i want to uograde psu to instal vga with power conecter
I want to replace stock one 320w with huntkey 550w to powerd gpu .

Refere to post below :

6 pin on board :
I conect 3x yellow 12v , 2x com " black " and 1 blue -12

4 pin cpu no change the same connector . 2 yellow , 2 black

6 pin - starter /fan power " 4pin+2empty "
The stock as below :
Green , grey , white,white

Reefer to post apove i connect
MB Green with PSU red 5v
MB Grey with PSU black "com"
White null

Also jump the green with black on psu as post tell
Fan work , green led work on Board , no signal on screen , also its powerd on since i plug the power cable like i jump it in out side case , i mean its start without pushing power button .

I test voltage of stock PSU , all lines conected correct expext the red 5v , on stock it show 3.3 , so i changed the red to orange witn output 3.3 the same result too ... Green led on board worcked without push power button and no signal
also i tray the the defult way of atx power " green with green , grey with black " didnot start at all ....

Any help ? Any info about atx to hp connector ?

Last things is there a diffirent between 12v. V1 and 12v V2 ?
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2302723/elite-desk-800-psu.html
    This user claims to have done it , even though they are proprietary.
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  2. read this post before and not working for me , just one things , 12 v1 and 12 v2 can make difference ?

    6 pin 2 yellow v1 and 1 yellow v2 , can v2 cause the probleem ?
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  3. Finaly its working but still working auto when i plug powr cable into wall , i think its because of jumper , any idea ?'
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  4. No choice ...
    Dual psu .... And worked fine ...
    Stock one 320W for motherboard
    And huntkey 550w for powring GPU 8pin x2

    i test before , Adata 1200W psu same issue , its not about wattge , its HP they just made different startup electronic circuit , not like ATX psu .....
    Secound psu instaled in bottom - front , and fan airFlow to outside case
    One things , open the stock psu cover and conect 2 wire with 220V input power , blue + red and the same with huntkey , open cover and conect with input 220v line B with B. R with R , to use one power cable . And powerd 2 psu togther .

    Then close covers , and jumper green with black on huntkey to startup .
    The only way woerked with me .... And working fine ....
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