Multiple case fans on a single motherboard port

I have 4 BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm Case Fan on a singel cable that runs to the Power supply
I was wondering that if I plugged the connector into a single channel fan port, would It be fine? I don't want it to kill the motherboard
The power is a 600w EVGA power supply
Motherboard is a Z170M Pro4s
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  1. In your board's manual there is somewhere specified for how much power draw (usually in Ampere) the header is designed.

    Then look up how much power 1 fan draws and take this value x4.

    Google is your friend.

    Most fan headers can take 3 fans without bigger issues but I wouldn't want to go on a limb there and say 4 will be fine on your board. Better check it first.
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  2. Here's another solution: It's a fan hub that uses the a PWM 4 pin fan header on your mobo, and control 6 3 pin fans such as your Bit Fenix fans.
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