Maximus VIII Ranger failure to boot

I just built this computer and it won't boot, I attempted to update the Bios with a thumbdrive but it changed nothing. So it is a I7 7700K cpu with 16gb 3200 Vengence ram a 600 series Graphics card with a 228 SSD. The bloke from the computer shop said I needed to update the Bios but I have no usb power from the motherboard, I have tried everything I know to get this thing to show signs of life. Not sure what else to do, my computer knowledge is only so so.I get the AO error code on the board constantly.
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  1. You have to use the Flashback.
    If not sure how to, post back.
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  2. But to do that I need to access Bios do I not? I cannot do that
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  3. No need to access the BIOS. Download the latest BIOS version from the ASUS web page. Unzip and rename the file from MAXIMUS-VIII-RANGER-ASUS-3504.CAP to M8R.CAP
    Save the renamed file on a FAT 32 formatted USB drive.
    Connect the drive to the USB Flashback port on the motherboard (check the board's manual to identify its exact location).
    Don't start the board, just make sure that the power supply is connected and on.
    Press the Flashback button for 3 seconds.
    Wait until the process completes (more than 10 seconds).

    PS It's important to read the board's manual, to familiarize with the board's features.

    Good luck!
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  4. I have already done as you suggested but I still have not got any bios or any sign of life on my screen.
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  5. How long did the flash take?
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  6. alexoiu said:
    How long did the flash take?
    It took about 2-3 minutes for the button to stop flashing, afterwards it made no difference. This afternoon I took the computer to the shop to see if they could fix it, they said they would swap out a Skylake cpu update the Bios then replace the KabyLake back in. When they openened up the Cpu they noticed two pins not straight and stopped working on it,they don't know if the board is compromised or not but suggested I get a new one. So I might keep an eye out for a secondhand Gen 6 and see if that board will boot up or not,thank you and all other members for offering suggestions I appreciate the help.
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  7. No problem. You can try straightening the pins.
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