How can i turn off leds on motherboard MSI B250M Mortar without Gaming App ?

Gaming app don't control led on motherboard , sometime i turn on my pc led still light :(
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  1. It can be turned off in Bios settings
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  2. Power switch on back of PSU works too :).

    These used to be a "normal thing" with Pcs back in the 90s

    Hit the master switch and speakers, monitors, whatever all goes dead.
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  3. i don't see anything about turn off led in bios
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  4. I looked at the manual and on page 36 it only mentions "Please use GAMING APP to control the extended LED strip"
    Now if your speaking of the Status LED on the Board then those are controlled by your S3 Status, look into the manual for this and you can turn them off in bios yes
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