Need help buying a new motherboard please!

Hi, my motherboard died recently so I'm getting a replacement. The issue is I have a i7 4790k and an ITX case, and almost all of the ITX with 1150 sockets are discontinued. The one that I would like to buy requires the bios to be updated.

I'd like to note that I would like to buy this board as Amazon have excellent returns policies and this company has a 3 year warranty.

There's another board I was looking at:

But I was a little scared by this review among others: "Be warned! I got this motherboard 9 months ago and it's already died...I reccommend buying Asus H81I-PLUS"

However that board seems to be ready for use with my CPU as I got an answer from another customer: "I used it with an i5 4690k and swapped it with an Intel Pentium something (LGA 1150) and then an i3 4130 and then an i7 4770 so no, I don't think you need to do a BIOS update."

I heard somewhere that you need a cpu that will work out of the box to update the bios. Is this true? Or is it possible for me to set it up and update it using my 4790k and a usb drive?
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    Idk about MSI h81 but it supports the processor without any doubt .Asus h81 is one of the best cheap boards along with the over clocking options .Core clock ,base clock and Ram oc too..It supports i7 4790k no need to update the BIOS ,but if it's not the latest u can update it even in bios menu without any problems
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  2. it might require bios upgrade depend on the version it got

    and I don't see the feature of updating the bios without a supported cpu.
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