Don't understand Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5

I've yet to build my first PC and I'm planning on getting the Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5.

It's well reviewed and recommended, but I'd like to understand all the features and what I can use them for, so please help.

According to AnandTech these will work when released. My Calyos NSG S0 will arrive only in December, so that's in good time to buy this memory kit. With regards to OC memory, I should be running 1.4-1.5V as recommended by BuildZoid's PCB breakdown@23:45.

PCIe slots:
It's x16 (1XGPU) and x8/x8(2x GPU)
For the 3rd x16 slot(PCIEx4), I'm confused. If I use PCIEX1_2 and PCIEX1_3, is the PCIEX4 at x1 mode or x2 mode. And what if its PCIEX1_1 and PCIEX1_2, what mode is PCIEX4? I do understand if I use PCIEX1_1, PCIEX1_2, PCIEX1_3, all including PCIEX4 is at x1 mode.

The manual recommends having headphones be connected to the LineOut port of the back panel rather than the front panel audio port through the front panel audio via the internal header, which dosent make sense. Even mentions it's okay to connect the back panel audio LineOut port for front speakers. I'm bit confused over the differences between the internal audio header and the back panel ones.

From OC3D's review video @7:04, I can only use this port when an APU is installed. Since I'm going Ryzen 7 1700, I essentially can't use this port right? I'd have to rely on the port my GPU gives me.

If I understand teaming correctly, it means I can't use it for doubling my bandwidth, but I can't use it as a switch right? Connect my RaspberryPI2 for network connectivity should be possible? How do I tell which is Killer and which is Intel? I've read Intel is better.

8xSATA connections. Does this mean I can get 8 SSDs if need be?
U.2 connection, I'd unlikely use it, but with this, does it mean a total of 9 SSDs essentially? Does a U.2 connection render slower speed on other ports(maybe a PCIE something like how the M.2 would affect), I know it kills and M.2 port.

Internal USB connections generally goes by the rule of 2XUSB connection per header? I'm just counting the number of headers and matching with the number of connections in Gigabyte's spec page. What are additionally uses for Internal USB connections? I doubt my case has 8 USBs to connect.

Thanks for your time, patience and knowledge.
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    Memory: DDR4 RAM normally runs at 1.25 (default freq) - 1.35v (overclocked above 2133MHz).
    Audio: If front connector that comes with the case has HD Audio and has properly shielded cables, it should make no difference.
    HDMI on board: Can be used only with processors that have GPU built in like APU processors from AMD, otherwise you need dedicated graphic card. Chipset doesn't contain GPU and neither does Ryzen.
    LAN: You need a separate LAN card if you need another port, the rest is up to SW.
    Storage: you can use any number of any SATA device. HDDs, SSDs, CD/DVDs, BR.....
    USB: Internal headers, USB2 and 3 each has connectors for 2 USB ports. Some internal USB2 ports could be also used for other controls like some AiO liquid coolers, control panels for fans and lights, etc. whatever needs them. Could also be connected for extra USB ports at the back of case.
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