Cannot enable igpu for dual monitor Setup


My setup is as follows;

MOBO - Gigabyte z97p-d3
GPU - Geforce GTX 970
CPU - Intel core i5-4690k

My issue is this:

I use a single Samsung monitor which is plugged in via HDMI directly into my GPU, however when i plug the HDMI into the MOBO HDMI port it's not functioning (My guess is that iGFX is disabled in BIOS)

I have tried going through BIOS to locate some sort of display options for multi display options however i cannot find anything.

I am looking to upgrade to a second monitor so if anyone is able to help me solve this issue that would be greatly appreciated

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    The only option in your BIOS is Peripherals>Intel Processor Graphics, but it is set to Enabled by default. However, I would ask how you tested that mobo output does not work? Try starting your machine with monitor connected to GPU, then in Windows set multiple display to clone, and move the display cable from GPU to motherboard (without turning machine off).
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  2. You know what mate i figured it out, but thanks for the reply anyway.
    I had my monitor connected to my GPU via hdmi. And to test my MOBO i had my TV hooked up via HDMI aswell.
    I had to enable Intel Processor Graphics myself as it was disabled for some reason.
    Thanks again for taking your time to help
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