Very strange problem

Hello so i have a problem which hunts me for quite a while , well it all started a few months after i builded my pc , so let me explain everything was working fine until one day suddenly when i power on my pc i get no signal and no lights on keyboard and mouse(no post) so what i did was change ram slots and i got it to work however everytime i shut it down i cant open it , so to turn on my pc i have to change ram slots everytime i want to use it . I decided to send it for warranty and well they updated the bios and it worked fine for like 1-2 months and then aigain bam the same problem , in order to use my pc i have to change ram slots .

Ram is not the issue since i upgraded them recently anyway
GPU is not cause i tried to run it without the gpu
I also upgraded my case

So what is left is mobo and psu which i rlly have no idea what to do

the real question is what should i do? run my pc everyday by just resseting ram for like 1 more year when i will finally junk this mobo , cpu and ram with a new glorious i7 7700k or something?

it could be something in the software but i cant figure out what , im rlly desperate any help? and i forgot to mention everything works super smooth when its turned on, games work fine everything is like it always was

My Rig:

Gpu : Asus R9 390 8gb
Cpu : i5 4460
Motherboard : Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3
Ram : Corsair Vengeance Pro 16gb Dual channel
Power Supply : Coolermaster G750M
Cpu Cooler : Coolermaster EVO 212
Case : Corsair 400c
SSD : Samsung evo 250Gb
HDD : Western Digital 1Tb
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