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So guys, im having a trouble in my computer, I Just Bought a new Motherboard(Z270f) and CPU (i5-7600k) But after build it, it won't turn on, i mean, if i Put the power cabble , the Motherboard LED's goes on too, but if I try to turn the PC on, everything turns on (PCI, Cooler and PSI), but the computer doensn't actually turns on, because there's no video signal.
I've read the Motherboard manual and there's a topic relationed to an LED on the Motherboard called "power led", which says that if this LED goes on, the computer may be in Sleep mode, Stand by mode or soft-off mode. By the other side, it doens't explain why is this heapening or how to solve it.

If somone can help me, i would aprecciate.

This os the link to the image of my Motherboard manual, about the stand by led
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