ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Water Damaged

Hi Guys

My boy emptied the complete bottle over my open motherboard. I just pulled out the heatsink for repasting and the next moment it was a swimming pool.

So i spent my next few hours trying to dry it up using a hair dryer after removing the parts from the case completely.

There is no damage to the harddisk, GPU or the PSU for sure. I am not sure about the Ram but I believe they are also fine.

When i tried to turn it on, it doesn't boot up but the fans are running properly. It may boot on any random start or after 10-15 mins of powering on. Since I have that tiny motherboard speaker, I know when it boots up. There also is a red led for memory check which lights up which is also a sign of successful booting always. So after a few this and that, what I have figured out is that every time it managed to boot after a lot of CLRTC jumper here and there, it asks for BIOS setup. and doesn't boot on next start. So I removed the CLRTC jumper permanently and it boots successfully on 50% attempts but I have to enter the BIOS setup everytime. So everytime I put the jumper back, it will boot only one time and I can save the bios settings, use the PC without a problem for even more than hours without a single error, even played demanding games on it and that seems to be no issue. Its just the issue with booting sometimes, mainly after the bios settings are saved. I have also flashed the latest BIOS again.

So my question is.

What kind of damage is possible there and is there is fix for this?

One thing to note is that there is a push button for bios flashback near to those jumper where I have seen some water while drying this up and nothing ever happens on pushing that button. So, I was just guessing if the issue is with the damaged button? (permanently joined/connected circuit.

I am not keen on investing money on new motherboard because I was anyways planning to upgrade after saving some money.
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  1. As its the water damaged you should have let is completely dry for 2-3 days it would be good to use the direct sun then you should have try using it then
    so you have turned it on after the water logged in?
    there are chances that the parts are fried then short circuit
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  2. Water damage to mobos is rarely repaired because it's tightly packed circuitry that most repair shops won't touch. Those that will, repair only the most basic damage, and I'm not sure if this qualifies. I haven't had success repairing water damage on my mobo, even though very localized. Hope you have better luck.
    As for BIOS resetting, the only time I've seen that normally is when the cmos battery is near empty so it keeps resetting the bios. Clearly in your case it's another issue and yes it could be the button circuit shorting but I'm not sure how much can be done for it. Possibly in repair shop, if they know what they're doing, they could damage only that circuit enough so you don't have shorts (if that is even the issue). This is pointless though, because any repair whatsoever will cost you more than the low end mobo you'd get to carry you over until your next rig.
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  3. I understand thats the mistake I did, after drying it using a hair dryer for 2-3 hours i just connected and turned it on.

    The only problem is with the booting, so I still have hopes that nothing has fried yet.
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  4. Is there a possibility that it may start working fine after few days?
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  5. endlesssss said:
    Is there a possibility that it may start working fine after few days?

    you should not have used the Air Dryer and no it wont boot after some day but you can try if its dead or some issues its gonna stays like that
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  6. endlesssss said:
    Is there a possibility that it may start working fine after few days?

    How long ago did this happen? If it just happened within the last couple days, there might still be some moisture behind or within some part of the motherboard causing problems. If that's the case, it would be best to let it dry for a couple days more to give it time to finish drying out. I wouldn't keep trying to power it on until then.
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  7. Hi guys

    Thanks for the response, I have been bit busy lately so haven't provided an update. So, i kept using it the way it was working (by not keeping the BIOS jumper in place). After a few days it started working normally. All the issues i mentioned went away but since than I am having a strange issue that I never heard of, even Google doesn't say anything.

    So its about the clock, which keeps jumping if the system is shut down or not in windows (BIOS). So, I took a video of it and below is the link. Kindly guide, if this is something that can be fixed and what could actually be the reason for this. To be clear, I am not sure of this had been the issue earlier as well, as I don't use this system for regular computing work. I can live with this problem but solving it would obviously be better.

    Video link

    Thanks in advance.
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