3rd slot on my motherboard or 2nd which is faster?

If I plug both of my sli gpus into my motherboard and the 2nd one is plugged into the 3rd slot because my sli bridge can only do 3 slots space would it cause performance differences compared to plugging it into the 2nd slot ?
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  1. Motherboard model name?
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  2. it might help with temps to have them in the first and third slot
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  3. It's a Aorus k7 z270x pretty sure
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    Cglass said:
    It's a Aorus k7 z270x pretty sure

    This one?

    As you can read in specs - first PCIE x16 operates in x16 mode;
    with second slot populated first and second operates in x8 mode;
    third slot operates in x4 mode.

    For SLI only fist and second PCIE x16 can be used. Third PCIE x16 slot doesn't support to be used in SLI configuration.
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  5. But the 2nd does?
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  6. Yes.
    Read motherboard manual, if something is left unclear.
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