P5ND Motherboard wont recognize large gig drives and no sound

I had a P5N-D Board that died so I went on ebay and bought another since I thought that would make an easy transfer. I guess not. This new board only recognizes my smaller gig SATA drives. Ones 120 and the other 240. My 1T and 3T it just doesnt see. I tried everything I can think of. I also dont get any sound. Everything worked fine on the old board and they are both exactly the same. Any ideas?
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    Question from rayharcourt : "P5N-D Motherboard Large Drive Problem"

    P5N-D Asus Motherboard

    My P5N-D Motherboard died but I liked it so much I went on E bay and got another one. Everything works great except I cannot get it to recognize my 2 large drives. I have a 1 terabyte and a 3. On my first board I think all I did was plug them in and they worked. They are SATA drives by the way. . I know they worked fine before on the old board so what do I need to do to get them working? Thanks
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