Low FPS despite low usage on CPU/GPU.

I've posted this over on the tech support board for Elder Scrolls Online but I'd like to post it here in the event this is something unrelated to the game itself.

Current recommended requirements for ESO's Morrowind:

Intel® Core i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
8GB System RAM
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 750 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7850

I'm currently running an AMD FX-6300 and a MSI GTX 950, with 16 GB DDR3 System RAM.


Frames fluctuate between 30-60, notably dipping lower in cities (e.g. 40-50fps in Vulkhel Guard) but generally anywhere around other players or during inclement weather (i.e. thunderstorms). I've seen posts before that the game suffers from poor optimization but even so, most benchmarks rank my current setup significantly higher than the recommended requirements for the game and I'm struggling on Medium settings. Something seems off here, especially given how erratic the frames are with V-Sync enabled.

Are there any tweaks that can be made that won't cause a huge loss in quality, to get closer to stable 60fps? I'll settle for 50, so long as I'm not getting frequent dips that causes weird stuttering.

I've noticed when monitoring resource usage that my processor doesn't exceed 60% usage and my GPU hovers around 55-60% usage. Doesn't make much sense to me that my frames are dipping with usage so low.
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  1. Don't play with vsync on unless your framerate is always higher than your monitor refresh rate. For most people this means don't use vsync unless your framerate is always over 60fps, since most people's monitors are 60hz monitors. Vsync becomes a liability as soon as your framerate drops under 60fps.

    Getting a 'stable' 60 is not really possible if your setup doesn't get a framerate of 60fps or more all the time. This is why things like freesync and gsync exist. They give a sync option that doesn't penalize you if your fps goes under 60 the way regular vsync does.
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