Is the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 compatible with Ryzen 3 out of box

I am getting the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 board and i am getting the ryzen 3 1200, and is teh motherboard compatible with R3 out of box or do i have to get the new bios afterwards
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    yeah, its fine, all of the motherboards are compatible, BUT sometimes you might have to update the BIOS to get bug fixes and better overcklocking support, and to be able to get higher clockspeeds on ram.
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  3. BIOS F7 came out just over THREE MONTHS AGO, so it's very unlikely there is old motherboard stock remaining that ships with F6 or previous.

    *Just FYI, but in the future you may want/need a better CPU. You can go up to an R7-1800X right now of course, but you MAY see support for Zen 2/Zen Plus processors in the future.

    (for example, may be similar to an 8C/16T R7-1800X but 20% faster after overclock/architecture changes)
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