h110 Mobo with i7 7700k and ddr3

Hi guys
This is my first custom pc build and I am building with my own money and extremely on a tight budget,I had an old Lenovo branded amd pc with a cheap APU given me by my brother that was upgrade with 16gb ddr3 vengeance,as am about to do some autocad,gaming and video editing,i thought of upgrading it and had money only for i7 7700k and an h110 mobo.My question is will an h110 mobo support an i7 7700k after bios update and that 16gb ddr3 vengeance ram
Note:the h110 Mobo is a ddr3 support version
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  1. You would have to get a processor that is supported by the h110 motherboard to update the BIOS before you could use it.
    (AKA it would cost you the same price as new RAM to use that board).

    My advice, dont do that to yourself.

    Save up the little extra money and get the proper motherboard and memory.
    If youre on a budget and plan to do lots of rendering/multithreaded work you can always get a Ryzen processor/board/RAM.
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  2. DDR3L is supported on certain mobo's very rare now though, DDR3 has too high a voltage requirement.

    If you are stuck on DDR3 (and with ram prices like they are I don't blame you), consider an i7-4790k and a Z97 board.
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    Intel has already said:

    1.5V or higher system memory (i.e. most DDR3) is likely to KILL the CPU over time. (It sounds like 1.65V will for sure, and 1.5V "may" but 1.4V or below should be fine long-term... we're talking about the memory controller on the CPU specifically but if that gets too stressed your CPU is useless)

    I would recommend setting up the memory at a frequency/CAS etc that uses 1.4V or less. In Dual Channel you can probably go to maybe 1600MHz or so depending on the memory

    2) CPU BIOS:
    There are different variants of the H110 motherboard, but find the EXACT version for you and the CPU info. For example:

    The GA-H110M-DS2 DDR3 version above says that the i7-7700K is supported as of BIOS F20a.

    I assume every H110 variant supports it, so you can likely just update to the latest version BIOS before switching CPU's.
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  4. Thanks for all your reply
    If I go for ddr4
    Will there be still limitations in the motherboard
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