Mic recording out of the ear cups

so i was wondering why my mic quality sounded so bad on my pc but not my laptop or my phone,

when using the mic it picks up my voice through the earcups rahter than the mic it self, does the same with my earphones so its not the problem with the mic,

i have another windows 10 computer right by me and the mic works good with it, the drivers are exactly the same version so i have no clue how to fix it

pls help :(
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  1. Here is a webpage that explains the different types of headphone jacks.


    Your headphones seem to be using the jack type (pc headset) in the Stereo Plus Microphone section. While your computer only seems to recognize the (stereo audio) jack type in the Stereo Plus Microphone section. To use the headset with your computer you need the adapter that separates the headphone and the microphone into two separate plugs. Like this:

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