Asus Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard not powering up after shutdown

Dear all,

Been having problems with the home built PC not powering up following a shutdown unless you physically unplug the PC wait for a period of time until the green led goes out on the mobo then it has a 50% chance of starting if not leaving for a few hours then booting is usual enough to get it back and running. If I go of reboot rather than shutdown, it will come back up no problem. After a shutdown the symptoms on the power switch is the led will flash for a second then go out, the fans will spin a couple of revolutions then stop.

It's as though it needs any capacitors to discharge before being able to boot again, I've been through many posts which have a similar flavour the the problem I have and been through the usual BIOS refresh, removing memory DIMMS, re-seating the processor, checking the power output on the PSU, removing all peripheral devices etc. now I'm at a loss so looking for any suggestions.

This has been working OK in the past, the only change that I can possibly correlate to the problem was the 2 of the 4 pillars holding the CPU fan in position had moved from their locked to unlocked position so not keeping a good contact with the CPU. As mentioned the CPU has been reseated and the fan firmly secured. I don't know if this could be the underlying cause of the problem as I would have expected the symptoms to be very different.

Thoughts welcome.

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