PC/Bios will only see half of RAM (8 gb of 16) at one time

HI all,
Here is my problem, my pc/bios will only see half my RAM. In task manager it says using 2 of dims. It has been working fine for over 4 years as it was. The issue started 3 to 4 moths ago.
The strange thing is I pulled two ram sticks still showing 8 gb. I inserted those back and pulled second set still 8 gb. So it can see 8 gb in any duel combo or RAM. Also when I add the second 8gb the pc gives me a change in memory message but still shows 8 gb.
I also installed CPUZ and it sees all 16 gb of RAM.

Also not sure if this helps but at points in time when I play a game some items will not render and I have to exit and renter game screen.

Sorry if explanation is bad, feel free to ask for elaboration on any point.

Troubleshooting so far:
-Tested all ram sticks and DIMM slots
-Ran MEMTEST only ran on 8 gb did not see full 16.
-Reseat CPU and reapplied thermal paste
-Updated BIOS
-Unchecked maximum RAM in setting
- Messing with Voltage and other RAM setting in BIOS
-Re fastened my CPU coller

My Rig:
I7 3770k
Corseair vengance ddr3 1600
GPU Radion HD7800
Monster SSD 126GB
750w power supply don’t remember name

My question is it the motherboard or CPU I do not have a spare motherboard to test?
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