Is it safe to turn on XMP, Intel Rapid Storage Technology and the "ASUS Optimal" setting for EZ Tuning??

Hi! I was wondering if its safe for me to turn on XMP:

Core i5 7500 (stock cooling) |
GSkill TridentZ 8Gb 3200Mhz |
Antec CUBE mini-ITX case |
ASUS Z270i Strix mobo |
MSI GTX 1080 Aero |
2 SSDs, one 256g for OS and another 512g for games |
Windows 10

I got bored and tried tweakin BIOS settings, turned on the EZ Tuning setting to "ASUS Optimal" and it sent my pc into a bootloop of sorts :P... something about RAID pops up during boot sequence for a split second. And then as it starts to boot it never goes to Windows, just starts over. I returned the setting to normal after that :P... Also, what's Intel Rapid Storage technology and should I turn it on?
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  1. XMP only if your RAM is present in the QVL.
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