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Hi all, i am newbie and i want to ask u all about my first build. Does it affect mobo if i use the lower psu (160W)?
Cpu:i3 3220 3.3ghz
Ram:ddr3 2gb 1600mhz
Hd:1Tb WD
Moni.: 16inch
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  1. Insufficient power supplied to the system may result in instability or the
    peripherals not functioning properly. Use of a PSU with a higher power output is
    recommended when configuring a system with more power-consuming devices.

    While Biostar doesn't list a specific requirement, a similar Asus motherboard lists the requirement as 350 watt or greater power supply for a fully configured system.
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  2. Motherboards have an average power consumption of 40W, add 60W for the CPU, 50W for everything else and that PSU quickly becomes insufficient. Get at least a 400W PSU, this way, you can get a GPU later, without upgrading the PSU. Make sure it is a quality unit or ask here about it before purchase.
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