Ryzen 5 + asus strix b350 + radeon rx580 = no signal. Help..


It’s been awhile since the last time I build my own pc. But my son has been asking for a computer rig since months ago.

So yesterday went to computer shop, and we bought the parts, and hoping that we could assembly the computer together.

Here’s the part list:
Amd Ryzen 5 1600
Stock cooler (spyre)
Asus Strix B350-F gaming
Team Group pro dark ddr 4 3200 for ryzen (2x8gb)
XFR Radeon RX 580 8gb
LG 24inch computer monitor (hdmi)

However, the rig wont display boot sequence on the monitor. It said no signal.
Check all the connection, i think there’s nothing at fault. Then disassembly all and start from scratch. Starting from booting just the cpu+stock cooler, then turning it off, adding ram. Boot again, turned off again, add vga cards. No cigar.

When i tried to boot it, there’s no sound indicating trouble (i use the supplied optional mobo speaker).
There is one short low beep that i think indicating the system is entering bios?

Mobo Led is also turns solid orange on the bottom side (i think indicating that mobo have power?)

Other led is turning on the top side as follows when i tried to boot:
Orange led for ram turn on then off
Red led for cpu turn on then off
White led for bga turn on and stay solid
Yellowish led for boot turn on and stay solid

I found no explanation on the manual or online about this led signs. So it’s just my guess that there’s something wrong with the vga.
But there is no bios beep sound indicating vga not detected.

Already surf the boards looking for info. And try every possible method (checking hdmi cable connected to the vga card, reseating the vga card, reseting the clear bios jumper, take off the mobo battery and pit back on, using only one dimm, switching the tiny switch on the vga card and so on) and still the monitor wont display.

So I really appreciate it if you have any more ideas for me to try to troubleshooy this.

Thanks again.
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  1. Forgot to add:

    Psu is antec earth watts gold pro 550w modular
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  2. Hi wondering if you resolved your problem as I have the same issue, any help would be useful
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  3. joshuahutchins37 said:
    Hi wondering if you resolved your problem as I have the same issue, any help would be useful


    I Solved it already.
    Turns out that the monitor somehow wont show boot/bios screen. I plug it to the living room tv lcd, and instantly show up boot/bios screen. Once i finished installing windows, the LG monitor will display fine.

    But strangely sometimes the monitor wont display the bios screen and bypass it to go to the windows login. Especially after a crash event. Eventhough I already installed the drivers and everything.

    Hopefully this will resolve your problem.
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  4. I wonder if it has anything to do with the resolution. A lot of systems default to VGA (640x480) for startup. Most monitors have no trouble with that, simply upscaling and stretching it to fit. But I have seen some that wouldn't recognize the input at first, or had to be set manually to recognize it. If it stayed "stuck" confused about the old input, it still might not sync once Windows loads and outputs the normal resolution. Unplugging and re-plugging the connector might work in that situation.
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