how can i make a Bendable/compact pc design?

For a project, I want 3 boards; north board, south board and pci gpu board.

The gpu expansion board will slot into the north board via pci.

The north board will have the north bridge and the components that need it: cpu, ram ect....
The south board has the south bridge and the m.2 ssd and other storage and input stuff.

I will be most likely re-soldering a board to two with a modified old riser board for the gpu slot.
Could you pick a board that will fit this and try it your self?
This could be practical in making a pc more compact or something I want it for but I want to keep my idea secret.

Please make a mini series or at least a tutorial video so I can learn from your amazing electronic skills. Use cable or ribbon cable to bridge the south and north board.
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  1. You realise no modern systems use a Northbridge any more?

    Also, what you're asking for is at least five figures of engineering work. Likely more.
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