Need suggestions for headless AM4, mATX, 1GPU board

I'm looking to solve my mobo shopping issues.

I've tried Asus prime B350m-a/csr
That one was ok, nice bios, boots w/o monitor attached, 6 sata connectors, but it had issues with my GPU and locked up often in OpenGL viewports so I replaced it with:

Tried MSI b350 mortar arctic
That one was nice looking and I figured if they put heatsinks on MOSFETs, they must be serious about making this board a solid product. Alas, their BIOS is lacking features, because I can't turn off he ugly LED's from BIOS, but more importantly it will not POST without a monitor (or emulator). What put me over the edge is the atrocious boot time on that board.

Anyone have suggestions for solid boards in the $100 range?
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