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So my husband did this Ryzen build partially using his old parts and did not check to see if the power source was sufficient.... It was not... So while updating the BIOS his computer crashed. He essentially has no BIOS now. We tried recovery through the motherboard DVD and on a flash drive. Neither works. The monitor stays in power saver mode and we hit the delete key about 1000 times every time we try. Without the recovery files the monitor does turn on only to tell us the computer is in BIOS recovery mode. He even tried taking the BIOS battery out and back in. The board is brand new and under warranty so we could just exchange it, but I'd like to learn how to fix this if it ever comes up again. I feel like we're doing something wrong with the flash drive recovery but I'm not sure what.
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  1. Ya this could be very serious. Any interruption while updating bio can turn it into junk. Im not sure about this Board but you need to
    find the BIOS Configuration Jumper and Properly Clear CMOS
    If you dont know how ....
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