4 pin of 20+4 pin unplugged cause blue screens?

Would the 4 pin part of the 20+4 pin motherboard connector being unplugged cause blue screens or would it just not boot? I was taking apart my new Ryzen build to rma the motherboard for excessive blue screens and found the 4 pin section unplugged but I'm not sure if it was that way or if it came loose while I was disconnecting stuff. I put it back together and I'm trying it out but the blue screens come at unpredictable times so I'm not sure if it's working.
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  1. System wouldn't booth without it, so no.
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  2. Possibly as the only AM4 20 pin I have seen is a OEM HP motherboard. You should retest after making sure the power supply is connected correctly.
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  3. I tried it and it did boot without the 4 pin. Now everything is connected and I'm going to keep working on it tonight and see what happens. I'll know soon because it blue screens all the time.
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  4. No luck. It is still blue screening so I have taken it out and packed it for RMA.
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