Help with older motherboard (I updated the bios)

So I'm currently on the fence about getting a brand new computer, I currently do gaming and school work on my gaming rig I built 7 years ago.

The motherboard is an Asus Crosshair IV formula and I never updated the bios once since I've built it. I decided to try to update the bios the other day because I wanted to attempt to mix different ram brands which have similar mhz (though I would have to manually set the other values to match my previous which are DDR3 Ripjaw, the one I wanted to add was a single 8 gb PNY DDR3)

I found the latest update to the bios through their website and used the ezflash option in the bios to update it. When the computer started booting up it warned me about something regarding the bios asking if I wanted to go back to the previous one and I pressed f2 to load the default values. Now the thing I started noticing at first was that it took a while to boot into Windows, and then I when I was on Skype and playing Overwatch the game suddenly crashed. I thought that was pretty weird because I've never had games crash on me for no reason. I figured maybe the settings were messed up so I downloaded the latest chipset for amd catalyst and did GPU scaling (I also put Overwatch back into full screen). I can play Overwatch for a few matches before it crashes and one time I noticed an error saying "Your Rendering device was lost".

System specs are:

Asus Crosshair IV Formula
AMD Radeon 7870
8GB DDR3 G.skill Ripjaw running in dual channel

The temperatures for the devices are fine as I've kept track using CPUID.

Should I go back to the old bios?
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