Please help! New motherboard led to network problems

So after upgrading my motherboard I decided to use my same hdd and everything was running smoothly. Until I decided to update my drivers with driver booster after installing all my drivers I restarted my computer and that's when it began after signing in I realized that I wasn't connected to the internet for some reason so I went to device manager to try to delete and reinstall the driver but the Ethernet cable was no where to be found instead I got a bunch of wan miniports under my network adapters and decided to just do a system restore with driver booster but every time It would give me an error stating that it couldn't fully do a system restore and finally I decided to go into my bios and I noticed that it did recognize the cable so I just decided to get a usb and go on my other computer to get the realtek driver I needed so i can then install it but I ended up getting another error saying that the realtek network controller was not found if deep sleep mode was enabled. I'd appreciate the help because at this point I have tried all the options.
Thanks, btw I'm on Windows 10
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  1. At this point, you're probably better off doing a clean install of Windows 10. Then, followed by an install of the drivers for the new mobo.
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