Lights come on, in my new computer but it doesn’t start!

I have just recently built a new PC with an intel core i7 6700k processor, a gtx 1070 graphics card, an Asus prime b250-pro motherboard and a 600psu. My PC lights up and shows signs of life but when I go to hit the power button, nothing happens? I don’t know what the problem is? I made sure that all of the connections are in the right places and that they are all plugged in, but still nothing happens! I’ve had my psu and my hard dive for a long time and they are the only things that aren’t new! Would this be the problem? As my graphics card and motherboard has lights that light up but everything else seems dead? What would be the best thing to do? And will I need to buy a new psu and hard drive?

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Light New Build Computer doesn’t start