New motherboard isnt accepting old CPU?

I sent my PC to a repair shop and paid $100 to get it fixed, my motherboard was in conflict with my old CPU. But now my pc has a new motherboard
And sadly it has a pentium now.

I tried to put my old CPU in this new motherboard. But the fans keep spinning fast and very noisy with 1 non stopping beep. It enters in windows, but to be honest that scared the hell outta me and i just unplugged the PC lol

I made a research and this pentium has the same socket type as my old CPU. What may be causing this? I decided to post here and stop trying to figure it out because i dont want to break my pc again


Acer MSI

New cpu:

Pentium E5400

Old CPU:

Core 2 duo E8500
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  1. need to know the exact model of the motherboard, then you can go to the manufacturer website to check for cpu supported list
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  2. A lot more details than what you've provided will be required if you want an accurate assessment. What mobo is it? Have you checked the listing of compatible processors? Just because it may be the same socket doesn't guarantee that it'll work on that board. There may be a BIOS issue or something else going on.
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  3. I have no idea, i cant see the model no anywhere, it just keeps
    Beeping and fans running so fast
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    they are different generation, FSB, without knowing the model of the motherboard, my guess it the new motherboard don't support your old cpu.
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  5. I found the model number: MCP73VE

    Motherboard model: mcp73ve
    Old cpu: Intel core 2 duo E8500

    Are they compatible?
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  6. yes thats my board, although whenever i put my core 2 duo e8500
    the fan start spinning like crazy and the board keeps beeping
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  7. yes they are compatible have you checked the pins on the cpu to make sure they are not bent is the pc posting bios at all?
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  8. yes it turns on normally, the problem is that motherboard keeps beeping and
    CPU fan speed goes crazy
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  9. overheating? what cpu cooler?
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  10. no idea. but the motherboard is compatible. so i dont know why it's doing this
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  11. kazurengan2 said:
    yes it turns on normally, the problem is that motherboard keeps beeping and
    CPU fan speed goes crazy

    Check your RAM. Re-install it and try different slots. Do a hard BIOS reset.

    There's a good chance it's your RAM. Had this happen to me in my old PC. Remove the HDD just in case and see if the PC boots.

    If all fails make sure your RAM is compatible by going to the manufacturers website.
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