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New to the forums and very new to PC building! have an ASUS STRIX B250F GAMING Motherboard and whenever I click on Q-Fan control in the BIOS, the whole system crashes. I had AI Suite installed for a while but didn't like how it was stop/starting one of my fans constantly. I uninstalled it, went for Q Fan control in the BIOS, and I was able to get something closer to what I want. However, whenever I click on the Q Fan Control icon my BIOS immediately freezes. It worked before (I optimised, tried out silent turbo etc.) but now wont work at all.

Firmware is up to date.

Any ideas?

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  1. Try resetting the cmos(Bios) using the jumper on the board. Make sure you power off and unplug the PC before clearing the bios. You can also try removing the cmos battery and leave it out for 10 mins or so. Sometimes the use of the clear cmos jumper doesn't always set everything back to square one.
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  2. Hi

    Thanks for the response. Are there any risks with that? Will I lose any settings?
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  3. Yes you will lose all the settings that you have manually entered in the bios. If the bios is freezing then you really have no other option.
    There are always some risks when you play around in the bios but as long as you turn off the PC at the power supply and remember to put the jumper back to it's original position I can't see a problem.
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  4. Thanks. I've just discovered that I can change the QFan settings under "Monitor" ( or at least as much as I need to) so I think I'll leave the reset until I really have to.

    On a related point, the BIOS gives me options as to what the chassis fans are linked to (temp wise). Should I keep it as CPU for both or have one of them linked to the mobo or GPU temp? This whole situation was caused by me trying to find ways of stopping my top fan coming on too much. It seems to come on if the CPU is taxed even the slightest and then fluctuates with the CPU temp/fan speed. Ideally I would like it to only come on when it's really needed. For example a demanding game. I have a decent CPU cooler (NH-U9S PU) so I'm not sure I need the top fan, in addition to the rear fan, coming on as well.


    Thanks for your help.
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  5. I use my rear fan set to CPU and my two front fans set to motherboard. The two fronts are intake and the rear is exhaust and they are set to run at 1100 rpm. Being as all the fans are Noctua NF-A14's. CPU cooler is a NH-U14S, so noise is not a problem.

    I would set your top fan to motherboard and adjust the rpm to what you consider an acceptable level. My board is a HeroIX and you can set a ramp up and down in seconds via Monitor in the Bios for the fans.
    You will just have to play with the settings until you find what you like. It's always advisable when posting on help forums to give your full system details as this helps people get a better picture and therefore help you better.
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