Assigning OEM Hard Drive from Lenovo Laptop to M4A87TD EVO Mobo

Hi all,

I recently got my hands on a gtx 1060, an asus M4A87TD EVO, and an amd phenom 2. I have been having issues assigning the western digital blue 500gb harddrive (sata 3) I have taken from my lenovo laptop.

I believe the issue is with the Hard Drive being "locked" to the laptop mobo, my question is it possible to unlock without formatting the drive?

I have made an instance of my Licence on a bootable usb using the media creation tool, but I would probably have to unlock/ format the HD, make partition and start fresh?

The HD is listed in drivers, but I cannot boot from its instance.
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  1. It would need a format and install , also a new license is needed as that one is ties to the laptop.
    If properly locked none of this might be possible.
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