no POST, no boot, no bios, motherboard speaker clicking every 3 seconds

At a loss with a stable system that has decided to stop working

CPU: i7
Cooler: intel
Mobo: gigabyte z97x gaming 3
RAM: 16gb corsair
GPU: msi
PSU: corsair VS550
Hard drives: (primary) samsung 250gb ssd. (Secondary) 2 x seagate 2GB black
Windows 10

stable system working without problems.
BSOD while running MS provided outlook diagnostics, reboot, logon to windows without problems, BSOD again but system won't POST, show bios, or video and producing clicking sound from motherboard speaker every 3 seconds. One click every three seconds, no other diagnostic beeps.

disconnected speaker to confirm that speaker was sound source
disconnected fans to confirm that there was no short there
disconnected HDD / optical drive power to confirm no short there
disconnected case audio leads
removed PCIe video

clicking continues - still no POST / Bios, fans working, board light is on

Had similar problem nine months ago with another Gigabyte H87-D3H - only that time MoBo went in continuous re-booting cycles. in the end fixed it by replacing MoBo and reusing everythng else.
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