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Hi there,

Yesterday I was pretty hyped cuz I bought myself a GTX 1060. When I got home I decided to clean my whole system out and took my mobo etc. out of my case. I also decided to put some new thermal paste on my CPU. When I tried to put my cooler back, which has push pins I had a lot of trouble. After about 2 houra of fiddling I finally found a solution how to get it in. For some reason 1 pin just didnt want to go in. So I put my mobo in my system, install everything and now that i pressed the power button nothing happened. Im really afraid I damaged the motherboard in the process as I also dont see a MOBO led light (im not sure if there even is supossed to be one on here)

Are there any methods i can use to see if i messed up my MOBO?

TL;DR: had a huge fight with push pin cooler, afraid i killed the mobo in process. Pc wont turn on at all. Help.
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    If by "nothing happens" you mean no fans running, no leds, etc. See if the internet connection has a lited led... if it doesn't it's probably a power connection so:

    1. check the motherboard 24 pin connector,
    2. and CPU 8 pin connector, are plugged in correctly.
    3. Next check the AC power cord is in snugh
    4. see if the PSU fan runs
    5. if the CPU fan runs, check if the RAM modules are seated properly in the slots.
    6. Remove all RAM modules and try each module installed by itself on every RAM slot.
    7. cleaning the RAM slots may also help. Use a soft cotton cloth moistened with a little alcohol and run it along the RAM slots with a small paper clip or apropriate object.
    8. If nothing works, remove the GTX 1060 and use the previous video source, and see if there's any difference.
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