7th gen Cpu in 6th gen motherboard

Hi, I want to build a pc with an intel core i5-7500 and a MSI Intel Lga1151 H110I Pro DDR4 Mini-Itx Motherboard.
I know that this motherboard only supports 6th gen cpu's.
With a bios update, would I be able to run an i5-7500?
I have another laptop so could I: download the bios update onto a usb flash drive, insert the usb drive into my new pc and then download the drivers off the usb and onto my new pc?
Would this allow me to run the i5-7500 on my motherboard?
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    With H110 Chipset motherboard you need to install a 6th Gen Skylake CPU to get the motherboard working. Then you can flash the BIOS to version supporting 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU.

    A Celeron G3900 is about $40.

    Many people skip the H110 Chipset motherboards and buy a B250 Chipset model that needs no such Bios update to run 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPUs.

    MSI B250I
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