Hello, I am building my first PC, I need some help.

Hello everyone, I have just signed up for this website, and I am building my first PC.

I will be building it on an Asus Prime X299-Deluxe motherboard, I have a Corsair AX1200I PSU, the Cpu will be i9 7920x and the Gpu's will be two Asus GTX 1080TI in SLI. And two Kingston m.2 SSd's

My question is the following:

My motherboard has 3 ATX power connectors, 24 pin, 8 pin and 4 pin. Do I need to put power in all of them? Thank you!

Sorry if I did not express myself corectly, english is not my first language.
Any help is much apreciated .
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
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  1. Read the manual for what is the usage of those connectors, I believe 24 pin is for MB, 8 pin is for CPU, only those two are connected to PSU. 4 pin should be for cooler fan, i.e., cooler fan connects mb.
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  2. So if i connect some coolers to the MB i should also use the 4 pin connector?
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  3. The cooler should have that connector attached to itself, not the 4 pin cable from PSU.
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  4. Looking into the manual it says:1.) connect the 24 pin connector
    2.) the 8 pin connector OR 8 pin connector AND 4 pin connector

    As a caution it says not to connect the 4 pin power plug only, because the motherboard will overheat
    It also says to ensure connection of the 8 pin power plug, OR connect both 8 pin and 4 pin power plugs.
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  5. Interesting, my suggestion is leave the 4 pin out first. If functioning properly, no need to plug in the 4 pin. My guess it is used only if 24 + 8 is not providing enough power.
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  6. Best answer
    Did more search, 4 pin is optional, recommended for OCing CPU :)
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  7. I will try that later today when setting up the PC then reply, Thank you very much!
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