Is It Possible To Install A WiFi Card On The MSI Z270-A Pro?

Hello everyone,
I was going to buy a MSI Z270-A Pro, until I just found out that it had no WiFi support. I found out that there's things called "WiFi cards" that can be installed on a Motherboard, and I was wondering if that applies to the Motherboard I'm going to buy?
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    Yes. Provided you have an available PCIe x1 slot, you can install a "WiFi card"

    Alternatively, there are USB options too:
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  2. Yes ...

    1. Best Option... Run a Cable

    2. Plan B - MoBo w/ built in WiFi

    3. Plan C - Add in WiFi card

    You can use USB in a pinch ... I have one on the shelf "for emergency purposes" ... bought about 7 years ago ... still in shrink wrap :)
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  3. I prefer a direct cable connection over WiFi especially for gaming. The motherboard comes with Gigabyte Ethernet and that will give you better gaming and better web experience than wireless. But if you have to go Wireless you can get a PCI-E 1x NIC card or go with a USB WiFi adapter as Barty said.
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  4. I ended up getting a Motherboard with a WiFi adapter in it already. Thanks for everyone's help.
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