Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 9 Motherboard Issues.

I recently purchased this board from microcenter, and I put my two cards in their x16 lanes, and had everything wired and fired up.
Upon installing all the upgrades, I came to notice that I couldn't get the top of the two video cards to display, whether the display port to the main or the hdmi to the off screen.
Having no luck from trying numerous things, I returned the board to microcenter, and from bad service with them I decided to go through amazon instead, I then ordered it from amazon and got it wired up and fired up, same problem occured.
I don't know if it's horrible luck, or something I'm missing.
Any suggestions would help!

BTW, both cards will work in the bottom of the bottom of the two slots and neither will display in the top, even though the video cards fan are spinning.
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