Can't figure out difference between two motherboards, TUF z270 m2 and ROG Strix z270H

I'm trying to narrow down my motherboard I want for my future 8700k build. I know it won't use z270, but the z370 are just chipset upgrades of z270s.

Anyways, the two boards I listed in the topic are what I've narrow down to. Here are the differences I've found and I'll explain my confusion after.

ROG has 8 channel audio, TUF has 5 ports
TUF has a thing where the M.2 slot that uses Sata disables the use of Sata port 1.
TUF has a 5 year warranty over the 3 years of ROG.

So.. that last point is part of why I'm confused. The TUF is $20 (non sale, newegg price) more expensive then the ROG. But why? What is the TUF missing to counter the (I'm assuming) greater cost of the warranty? Is that m.2 thing really an issue? I can only assume it's something to do with the bios or the ability to overclock, but I have truly no idea.

I'm hoping someone who has experience with both can chime in.
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