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Hey guys this is my first thread so let me know if there’s anythjng I need to change to make it easier or fit forum rules. I am starting my first custom water cooling rig in my NZXT S340 and I need to know if my front radiator should be behind or in front of the fans.
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    If your just using 1 set of fans they should be pushing air through the rad.
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  2. I’m using a 240 MM Radiator. So it’d go front panel->fans->radiator?
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  3. Yes.
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  4. The most universal configuration is front panel->radiator->fans (pulling air through the rad).
    this way you can easily clean the radiator. in push configuration dust and dirt get stuck between the fans and radiator and the only way to clean it is by unmounting fans. that usually requires to drain the loop to do it safely.
    performance wise, there is no meaningful difference between pull and push.
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